Hip Hop

Thursdays 10:30-11:00


Leah Watson-Kucharszky is a former dancer with the San Francisco Ballet and currently owns Duo Dance Academy, where she is teaching multiply styles of dance.  Starting this summer she is offering hip hop classes for children at the Early Learning Academy.


The kids will groove and match the beat and rhythm of the music.  Dancers wear street clothes and sneakers during classes.  $80 for eight classes in June and July (no class on June 29.)


The class length, syllabus and music are age appropriate for the best learning results.  Parents have the convenience of the instructor coming to their child, so there is no hassle of drop-offs or pick-ups. 


To enroll fill out the lower portion of this form and return to the Early Learning Academy with payment.  Checks should be made to: Duo Dance Academy or Pay Online



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Leah Watson-Kucharszky


650 333-4710